“. . . No one stood with me, but all forsook me . . . But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me;”  II Timothy 4:16-18


Alone and battered, many of us face a day of fear and challenge trying to make our way through in the work of ministry. Demons face many who are engaged in speaking truth or words of deliverance to sometimes unwelcoming listeners. Or, it may just be the harsh reality of life . . . it can get mean and brutal just trying to make it through the normal course of everyday life.

But the thing that should be sobering for each of us today is the fact that whatever we’re facing, whether harsh, challenging realities, or standing alone, the Lord stands with us!

You say, ‘well, I know that.’ But, do we realize the full scope of that thought. This isn’t just a blanket thought or a generalization of what we all know! Paul doesn’t offer a well known cliché to just settle our minds. One can be very offended by an insensitive and matter of fact cliché offering. But, what the Apostle Paul says is this, I had no help; everyone had forsaken me and I was shaking in my knees; ‘but the Lord STOOD with me!’

Now, this has to mean that while seated at the right hand of the Father, Jesus sees Paul’s struggle and He stands to focus and accompany him through what might have been his biggest and most frightening reality. And He stands to focus specifically on Paul, to aim with precision and power the things that He has for him to not merely survive the experience, but to also succeed in the mission and purpose to which he has been sent among unbelieving Gentiles. In Paul’s case, ‘He strengthened me so that the message might be preached fully through me . . .’

Put your name in that testimonial . . . because what the Lord does for Paul is what He does for all of them that are engaged in His service on His missions. “I am with you always,” and when necessary, I will STAND with you and will STRENGTHEN you. The Lord has you in focus when things get hot and He stands to aim His blessings of strength to make it through.

Will you accept the challenge of this word to move on in what the Lord has for you to do today? You have to keep your focus because enemies, haters, blockers, whatever you call them, cannot overcome us when the Lord stands with us to do for us what we need to survive and succeed! Our deliverance in the heat of battle is in the Lord while in the battle. Get in the battle to win, “. . . the Lord will deliver me from every evil work and preserve me for His heavenly kingdom.”


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