There is a full moon radiantly shining through the nighttime’s sporadic clouds. It is so bright it looks as though you can see lunar clouds and small craters showing off their elevations across the distant miles. It is full and slowly making its way across the darkened skies with rich rays of sunlight ricocheting to make its presence known.

It does this with precision every month by opening its operatic performance with a glimpse as a ‘new moon’ strategically placed like a stroke of a pen across space to say ‘this is a new beginning.’ Plans can be made by its preciseness. Expectations and anticipations are formulated by its timeliness. It never wavers, it doesn’t adjust, it’s never tardy, and always on time. It is there even when it cannot be seen under the cover of clouds. You can count on the moon.

As we approach another night’s rest, consider too the brightness of your own light and its impact upon a darkened world. Can you be counted on for clarity and details that become evident as your light shines? Is there impact and influence in nearby places or from a distance can your voice be heard to remind others of a better life? Day after day, can something be said of the newness in your life? Can the world count on your preciseness and realness to trust you to be counted on?

Consider the moon tonight to remember God’s promise to be at work in us, both to will and to work for His good pleasure . . . “It shall be established forever like the moon, Even like the faithful witness in the sky.” – Psalm 89:37 NKJV

Rest well beloved of the Lord!



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