Do you just have to go today?  This can’t be done some other time?  Is it absolutely impossible to take some time to be still and reflect upon God today? 

It’s the Sabbath Day; which means that it is to be a day of rest and reflection.  You cannot work indefinitely without some thought of who gave the job and the energy to do it.  One could easily begin to think that opportunities and taking advantage of them was our own doing.  You haven’t gotten there yet have you?  And, you need some rest!

Your busyness may not be your abundance in life.  It may be distractions away from that abundance.  Do you feel like something is missing still after all of this busyness?

So, take some time to dialogue with God.  It isn’t a monologue with Him.  You pray to them wait for a response.  Be prepared to wait for a moment.  He will respond.  What He has to say today may change your life or at least change your perspective on it.

“He says, “Be still, and know that I am God . . . “ – Psalm 46:10 NV


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