I hear stillness in the air . . . a quiet calm that seems to have landed over this house and landscape we call home.  There seems to be beauty and peace everywhere uninterrupted and speaking loudly out of the solemn quiet to say things that have become near and dear to the heart.

Cicadas and crickets can be heard from a distance as bees and hummingbirds buzz their way around the landscape in search of their daily rations.  Yes, there is stillness in the air as though we’ve landed upon some picturesque moment while everything is at attention.  The pettiest little sounds can be heard while the gentle breezes tiptoe their way through the trees without disturbance or causing the least movement.  Leaves along with tall stalks of grass wave as if in slow motion to make their mark upon the solemn stillness.  The rich color of green can be seen rising up into the air in the trees from a base of green grass and shrubbery speckled with colorful blossoms from shrubs and flowers.  It’s a new day and the plant, insect and lower animal world are at peace and in solitude. 

An insect chorus is so distinct that it sounds rhythmic and with words would sound poetic and prolific.  They are choreographed with the crow’s cawing sounds from the distance as if putting in place a percussion base to the insects’ gracious melodies.  The birds take their flight with subtle sounds of chirps and wind beneath their wings with their gracious landings to pose for only one little Kodak moment in time.  These go about without interruptions, intrusions, or distractions from the greater beings in the landscape . . . they are all at peace.

Oh that this scene could be painted of the plethora of men and women who in like manner make their way through the day’s unfolding scenes and happenings.  The chorus of humanity in solitude among all that is below among plants, insects and animals and covered by all that is grand, brilliant and magnificent in the skies above makes for a world once spoken of as ‘good, and very good!’   But, humanity, however, is filled with anger, bitterness, rage and disdain for its own kind.  Fear overwhelms entire populations causing many to operate in cynicism and open contempt for others.  The world is being devastated by its individualism . . . a focus to everything that is right about me and my thoughts while condemning anyone unlike me or that thinks differently.  We seem to only be able to compete and not cooperate, collaborate, or compromise in order to co-exist with and among ourselves.  It’s a craziness that makes the world a very uncomfortable place.

The newsfeed of the day is filled with the horrible reality of death, destruction, disputes . . . many times at the hands of arch enemies within communities or from an old past.  The sins of fathers and grandfathers are visited upon the children and grandchildren because of the failure to face the reality of unconfessed sins and errors toward whole families and classes of people.  The ugly scenes get uglier and the cries of the people get louder with any sense of community with security and safety lost in the bitter struggle to prevail at any cost.  Whole nations are under siege without an invasion of war armory or troops.  The failure of humanity comes from within.

The peace we seek or speak of has become, at times, only a reference or casual thought not usually considered seriously or inwardly.   Contempt and contention run through the hearts of people of the land giving harsh critics fodder for daily commentaries filled with condemnation, harsh criticism, name-calling and blatant biases.  No one is satisfied or at peace.  No one is content with most things or people.  And a wide segment is disquieted within and can find no rest.  These are the worst of times it seems with little hope for a return to the best of times.

We have lost our place at the top of the created order and fallen far below to an abyss of lifelessness where cold and heaviness reign.  We are drifters from one degree of decay and destruction, ever lost without much hope.  We bathe ourselves in as much luxury as possible to convince ourselves that all is well while at the same time we suffer with a deep feeling of loss as though something needed and once cherished is gone forever.  We’re sad and depressed having to settle for crumbs of prosperity that fall from the table of those who demand more.  And they already have everything.  Greed is eating us alive from the gnaws and gulping consumption of the richest and the poor’s hustle and bustle to grab for all the gusto they can.

I’m appreciating the stillness with its sounds of solemn peace more and more.  I can hear sounds of the lesser animal and insect kingdoms sing their lullabies and offer their sounds to the chorus of beautiful nature.  I love seeing the little ground squirrel making its way across what seems like a mile in the yard to another place, another opportunity, another reality.  I’m being overwhelmed with the quiet, away from the pain and struggle of harsh realities from the day and its myriad of negative and evil happenings.  The simple truth among the smallest and most insignificant seems to have a greater impact these days than the graphic lies that paint the spectrum of human existence and interaction.  The calm adventure of nature’s interactions and its beauty offer peace and tranquility.  They ought be found as well among men but now humanity seems to only offer more and more of the least, the worst, the ugly and the empty.

The beauty in a single flight of the hummingbird as it makes its way through the air brightens a day dark with horrible stories being raised in the airwaves.  I hear the sound of hope in their little wings as the hum through the air catching my attention with renewed wonder.  The amazing survivals of these little creatures suggest that there is hope for me to be sustained and kept in the midst of the craziness of the world.

The summons of cawing crows ring with clarity and richness above the noise of the unnewsworthy that capture the attention of the gullible and least thinking among us.  Their calls are reminders that in everything we should be cautious and wise in our movements and advancements.  Their search for rations symbolizes our own need for our own search for truth, the sort of which sets men free with real liberties.

The lower animal kingdom among the greenery of the landscape go unnoticed with their daily struggles for survival, overcoming frequent challenges to their existence, and enduring hard times without complaint or vindictive thoughts about their struggle.  We’ve got lessons to learn from them about co-existing with threats and fears, conditions and circumstance, enemies and allies, in the midst of a real world.  Wisdom is needed by these small creatures for them to reproduce and nurture offspring in hopes of leaving a legacy.  And we can only flourish and survive if we’re able to find the wisdom to do the same.

Humanity is going to make it, but with real struggles for truth . . . not just those assumed to be written in papers and journals or other newsfeeds.  These truths will have to be discovered in the calm solitude of interactions with the creator who made us.  It will be discovered by us among ourselves with the self-revelation of the Creator.  “Be still and know that I am God!”  It will take a refocus and renewed commitments to all this righteous, deeper than our ‘rights’ or our thoughts about being right!

The sounds of solemn peace speak volumes, can you hear it?  They are messages of hope and solitude, in a world gone crazy!  But God is still there!  The insect, plant, and animal kingdoms know it!


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