Our nation calls for leadership from President Obama in this latest social outcry from the shooting death of another young black man.  The situation and circumstances are still being examined and scrutinized to determine all that happened that fateful day in order to hold responsible the perpetrator(s) of yet another tragedy.  If it could have been avoided, it should have been avoided because life is valuable no matter to whom it belongs. 

People are calling the president out as though he was in the convenience store or stood nearby in the street.  His words of comfort to Michael Brown’s family were not good enough.  His calls for calm were ignored.  And his hope for a fair and objective investigation was overlooked.  I’m not sure what more he could have said, but I am sure that the harsh castigation he has faced is unwarranted.  That is, unless you are consumed by your own vehemence.

Only a Righteous Judge can examine our hearts in the face of all of our common beliefs, biases, prejudices, passions, ideologies, ideals and deceptions.  Too often we are moved by deceptive propaganda, hidden agendas, and evil motives from what are perceived as noble leaders.  Our pursuit for truth cannot be limited to evidentiary examinations, news reels, video, or a plethora of expert social commentators.  We will have to search our own hearts for what is right and truth!  And, that truth must come from beyond ourselves in our interactions with the Almighty!

President Obama cannot do it alone.  And, like most human beings, he does his best with what he has to work with.  Nobody agrees with everything that he says or does.  Nobody!  Most people understand that agreeing to disagree is a worthwhile and wholesome thing to do.  However, balancing between a far right with its deep rooted issues and the far left with its deep-seated issues may be impossible to do.  President Obama probably has a harder time than many of his predecessors because of the deep polarized nature of today’s world, the hidden agendas of so-called leaders, and the profound deceptions that are imposed upon the world daily from all sides.  Of course, he has his own personal issues to deal with! Don’t we all?  Trying to make sense of all of the issues that come into our own homes every day is a challenge for the most common of us.  Why can’t we understand that for a president . . . any president?

Is it possible that all of our frustration and vehemence could be channeled into leadership in the circle of life we dwell in?  Could we possibly offer better leadership to our families and homes wherein the youth of the land are growing up?  Anyone who is called mom or dad or grandma or granddad is asked to stand up and take your rightful position.

Our demands for President Obama to be presidential should be matched by our call and commitment to be patriarchal or matriarchal to our own families.  The patriarch or matriarch is in control and leadership of his/her family.  They offer leadership in maintaining the structure, values, spirituality, and traditions of their families.  They counsel, instruct, guide, correct, and hold accountable among the entire clan of relatives that belong to them by blood and marriage.  They invest in their children’s lives by telling their stories of struggle and triumph from days long past, but still relevant to their lives and future.  They offer hope to youth that are challenged at times beyond reason, a hope that can and will sustain them through a lifetime.  They set an example of wholesome living by focusing on the true issues of life, balancing work and family, reaching for that which is noble and good, and through tears reaching upward to God for His calming and guiding hand.

President Obama cannot do that for your family.  Every husband and father, every wife and mother, every parent, along with extended family of grandparents, aunts and uncles must do this to reclaim a lost generation.  Because the people in the streets are the same people who live in our houses that unfortunately, are at times no longer homes.  The prowlers into the night are our own youth and family members that live among us, but in too many cases, they are not of us.  Too many of the perpetrators of lawlessness and wickedness live under our roofs and eat from our dinner tables.  Sadly, far too many financially benefit from the illicit activity that compromises our sense of community with the loss of safety and security.  And President Obama cannot fix that . . . moms and dads and grandmas and granddads will have to do that.

Most people want for the same things in life.  And, America’s hope has always been that it was a place where one can pursue their dreams.  That is being challenged everyday now!  But not only by the presence of military vehicles and sophisticated armor, civil liberties being taken away, or the bold display of hatred toward people that are different.  We face destruction because of neglect of family values from moms and dads and others that are leaders in the family.  We cannot restore the values and calm to our lives and neighborhoods that make America a place where dreams come alive by blaming a president or anything other than ourselves. 

Our rights are compromised the most when our families are their weakest.  Our children are vulnerable to destruction when they leave home without values and virtue.  And our houses, whether in the neighborhoods of suburbia or inner city housing, will only be an abode lacking real love that constrains and disciplines from deep within. The house becomes a home when values are emphasized.  And they are best exemplified by those at the top . . . moms and dads who take on their responsibilities to be matriarch and patriarch. 

It’s time to take our focus away from President Obama to blame him for everything that is wrong with America and the world. Let’s focus on our own families and homes to reclaim them from the destruction and judgment that we face.

“ . . . But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”  (Joshua 24:15c NIV)


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