Remember the old song that declared, “Its me, it’s me, it’s me, O Lord, standing in the need of prayer; . . . not the preacher nor the deacon, but its me, O Lord, standing in the need of prayer?”  That song isn’t sung very much in modern times where many people view the world with only their eyes or their persuasion.  And it is dangerous to have the world to orbit about one’s self!

Who is the common denominator in all of your situations, circumstances, conditions, or relationships?  And whatever is wrong at your church or in your marriage, or among people in general, who seems to show up in all of those interactions, conversations, gatherings, fellowships, collaborations, etc?  Is it you?   Are you always the one expressing your general dislikes and find misery in most situations?  You have become a ‘common denominator’ of the negative persuasion!

Surely you’re not the source of endless complaints, criticisms, disdain, disgust, dislikes, disappointments?  In conversation, one after another, many people are often found spewing chagrin upon others that are undeserving of the latest serving of frustration, disappointment, disgust, or dislike.  Let’s face it, some of us don’t like anything or anybody.

The common denominator is the one at the bottom that shows up in every fraction transaction.  Or, it’s the one commonly shared theme or trait that shows up with every move, message, or momentary consult with and among others.  It is a characteristic or belief that becomes common in a person’s interactions with others.  Most if not all of the time, the negative common denominator can be counted on to display his/her frustration or dislike.

You know people who always react the same way.  Most people are usually aware of those who will disagree or find fault with an idea, proposal, or concept.  They’ve become the common denominator in most situations and circumstances with their finger on the fault in ideas or concepts, the failure in the possibility, the unlikelihood in the potential.

Now the question to consider is this, “am I the common denominator in my groups?”  Of course, the common denominator can be a positive and supportive influence.  Unfortunately, they don’t always get much notice or recognition.  It’s that person that always finds fault or always displays misery that is recognized or called out for the “common denominator” status.

And there are probably a times in all of our lives when we have occupied the ‘common denominator’ role.  Especially in challenging positions or less than ideal circumstances, sometimes we may find it difficult to see the positive in an otherwise negative situation.  That kind of response may be common.

But it is a terrible life to always be the one right and everyone else is wrong!  It is frustrating when the world is out of sync and doesn’t revolve around us as created to do!  “Why can’t people conform to my ideas, my way, my attitude?” has to be a most unfulfilled existence!  But, of course, when you’re the common denominator, it is difficult to impossible to see all of this because the individual is at the center of his/her world and everything and everyone circles around them.

At some point, it takes a strong person to look within to see if there is the possibility, just maybe it is me who is out of order, out of control, and out of sync with life.  Looking within objectively will help us to see honestly and earnestly who we are and how we view the world. It will also help us to figure a better way to fit in to a positive place in order to contribute good and noble deeds and words to the world.

Considering others should be the norm for life and sensitivity to how others think and feel is absolutely necessary to one’s removal from ‘the nasty common denominator’ list.  Insisting that everyone in the world is wrong, husbands, wives, family, siblings, members of one’s circle of friends and acquaintances, people in general, means that we have closed the door on receiving to only grow stagnant and unproductive like The Dead Sea.

Heaven help us to not become a negative and abusive ‘common denominator!


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