I have one point to push here, and that one point is this, the enemy within . . . the one that is not outside of our borders but well within reach of destroying a union of states and a way of life.

Our latest days have been filled with brutal condemnation of everything and everyone that disagrees with our ideals, ideologies, politics, policies, and general ideas about life.  We show disdain for one another for having different views, perspectives, and opinions from our own.  We cannot seem to cooperate, compromise, or collaborate where once we found a place to seek common ground.  Hate is expressed freely and without restraint toward others deemed less than valuable to the whole of America.

We value lesser things and we devalue things that matter most.  We worship lifeless idols and loathe the Divine.  We care about the animal kingdom’s welfare and hate elements of our own humanity.  We criticize, cajole, castigate and condemn everything noble while glorifying the basest elements of life.  We are a people turned over to our lusts and desires with little regard many times for our own deepest needs.

We’ve become so self-indulgent at the expense of considering others.  We desire beyond reason into an uncontrollable greed to have it all at any cost.  We’re willing to risk everything to have our own way without little if any concern for the greater good.  Spiritual emptiness is the order of the day with little to no foundation of beliefs or absolute truths that determine a worthwhile destiny.

ISIS may have formidable capabilities and definitive aims to destroy our way of life.  They may be all that we’re being told about their brutality and lack of respect for life in general.  Their threat is probably real as are others that come from various parts of the world.  Images of them are horrific and their language is made of the words of hate.  I get that!

But I also get this.  The threats from within our own selves are destroying our sense of community, oneness, or general care for each other.   At least in times that are now our history, we had each other, though we may not have liked each others’ ideas and thoughts about life.  But we’re in another place now where everyone does what is right in their own eyes with little to no regard for the well-being, welfare, or will of others.  And we seem to care so little to ignore the effects or consequences of our tirades and assaults with words.

This enemy, the one within, is more formidable, focused, and dangerous than any from without our borders.  It goes without real notice and does its damage every day to wreak havoc upon our society . . . people who happen to be us!  And many among us are injured, maimed, and assassinated with words and images without the masses feeling the pain or sorrows created by them.  These images, words and realities are received and accepted with every media news blast to rob, injure and destroy our connections to each other, our union with one another, our trust in the good of each another, and the bond that is America!  And when connections, unity, trust, and bonding are all gone, we will be upon one another to destroy each other.

That damage is felt when we can see each other’s plight and care less about its affects.  It is seen in our inability rise up to face our own failures in judgment or actions.  It is obvious when we can get the facts of our own pain while ignoring the pain and agony of others.  It is obvious when the world is all about me and the rest of the world will have to fend of itself. It is our common experience of a damaged reality when justice is no longer blind, faith is no longer focused, goodwill becomes a thing of the past, and security is thought to be achieved by military might, even in our local communities.

Once that damage is complete, enemies from without will only need to just walk on in!

God help us with the enemy within ourselves.


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