Has anyone noticed that ineptness, along with poor customer service and insensitivity have become very common among us?

People perform poorly on their jobs and care less that someone has been inconvenienced, exasperated, or hurt even.

The mentality of workers and the ethic of work has changed.  Obviously, modern-day values have changed so that people do not seek work to work well at working.  Many don’t take pride in a job well done or seek to ‘please the customer.’

These values are displayed everywhere it seems.  Has anyone shown others courtesies that were not acknowledged?  Have you ever held the door for someone to only watch them walk through, refusing eye contact or an expression of gratitude?  More and more, people are demonstrating their attitudes of entitlement . . . except, they’re entitled to your courtesies and nice gestures, but you are not entitled to theirs.

If you’ve had a rigorous day and you’re tired, consider this, His grace is still sufficient, even in this new order of things!

Take pride in glorifying God through your pleasant smile and general goodwill for others.  Sometimes, they will bring out the best in others.


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