Vultures were flying low around the house today.  The idea or the image isn’t good, right?

But, behold, vultures are flying around my house at a lower altitude than usual, cruising in a circle through and among the trees.  At times, it seemed that they were coming in for a landing.  What is this I wonder?

Earlier everyone here was awake and well!  Or, so I thought!  But, with a closer look, of course, I was still satisfied that everyone in here is awake, alive, and active . . . none of which appeals to the vulture family!  Thank goodness!

But, I wondered why there was this close scrutiny of the property around my house.  And sitting here watching closely I noticed that these scavenging birds of prey were smaller with shorter wing spans.  They appeared to be younger birds than usually seen foraging the sky for their daily rations.  These ‘buzzards,’ as I heard them called as a boy, seemed to be on a training expedition to hone their skills finding food for their survival.  There was no dead beast of burden or smaller carcasses available for their consumption.  They were practicing their flight maneuverability skills through the trees and over the hills as their sight was being challenged and their wings too by the gentle breezes of winter’s air.  And they were not looking for me!

It was, apparently, a group of vultures, known as a wake, committee, venue, kettle, or volt.  I don’t know why they get so many names.  They were all together circling in some kind of pattern to learn together and improve their skills.

I thought to myself how amazing it is for the lower animal kingdom to maintain their individual groups by passing along much needed knowledge and skills that will be challenged by life and its changing circumstances and conditions.

We humans seem to have a problem with passing on our knowledge, heritage, legacy, or values that celebrate our past but also prepares us for days to come.  We do poorly instilling in our youth the value of life and the blessings we are afforded in it.  We allow too much time, energy and resources for play and fun to the neglect of training, preparation, or values for the real issues of life.

I’m impressed!  The vultures get it and they were on a mission today!

Let’s try to do better, humanity!  Our survival depends on it and eternity demands it! 

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  Proverbs 22:6 KJV


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