At about 8 weeks old, Koatch, pictured here, has learned a lesson that many adults struggle with in this Christian journey, following the Master!

This little pup will not be left behind.  He has had an obstacle course of bushes, shrubs, grasses, steps and fast walks, and he still keeps up.  When necessary, he runs with all of his might, he will not be left behind!  He is tough!

His young life is more secure keeping close to his master.  He seems to take pride in crouching under his master and lying as close as possible with a moan as if to say that this is a place of security and comfort.  He cries when to left by himself.

Should it be this way in following Christ?  He says to us, ‘follow Me!’  Keeping up and not losing sight of Him is a secure place that offers new life and knowledge for the destiny that He leads us on.  Staying in focus upon the Master gives us confidence in a peaceful place in this journey . . . He knows where we’re heading!

The key is in learning how to follow.  Whatever you do, keep up and don’t lose sight of the Master!   Prayer, study and meditation in His Word, and obeying what He has said are sure ways to follow the Master.  Those are the elements of focus for this journey.  Hear Him when He speaks, ‘focus your eyes upon Him,’ obey Him in the things that He has said . . . that is how to follow and keep up.  Through every condition, circumstance and situation, following Him where He leads will keep us in the paths of righteousness and protected from snares or temptations of life.

That’s what Koatch does!  He runs with his eyes on the master’s feet.  He listens to every step and command, and tries to obey every command.

Every time he has to climb a steep or incline, he has the benefit of a master who waits on to make sure he makes it.  Every time he appears to lose sight of his master waits for him to regain sight and find his way.  Imagine, God has His eye on you too!

Rejoice in the hope offered us by the Holy Spirit’s guidance, power, and wisdom for this journey.  He keeps us close in the race to not only follow Jesus, but to also endure it until its end.  Make every effort to hear Him when He speaks, focus upon Him, and obey His every command.

That is what this 8 week old puppy has learned in order to survive with his own tender life!


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