Koatch was enjoying some time outside in the sunshine and playing with small objects on the ground.  At first it appeared  that he’d taken notice of a small leaf being blown along by the gentle breeze.  Upon closer observation, it became clear that this was a red wasp that this little novice of a creature was sniffing and pushing around with his little nose.  This little puppy didn’t know that he was playing with danger.

If you’ve never had a close encounter with red wasps or felt the intense power of one of their stings, then you may not appreciate the use of the term danger.  They hurt . . . the really hurt.  They are not red for no reason.  They are dangerous!  Therefore, my little almost newborn canine friend Koatch had to be rescued, and immediately.

There are times in each of our life journeys when we are playing with fire and innocently exploring new adventures.  Someone with more experience and understanding about things has to come to our rescue and even then some of us will not listen.  We can be so engaged with the newness of things that we cannot be objective to assess the dangers that lurk beneath.  Dangers, which, if ignored, can impact the quality of our lives for the rest of our lives.  Or, at least for too long a period of time, it may change the appearance of things and our feelings, causing great pain and sorrow.

Be careful that you not toy around with seemingly small things in life.  Or, don’t treat things that matter as though they are nothing.  There are painful consequences to playing and not recognizing the danger involved or the importance of it all.  Life could change forever because of a moment of play.  Sometimes the pain is too deep to overlook and may affect other people’s lives as well.

“See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise.”  Ephesians 5:15 KJV


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