HYDR . . . Heavens Yes, We Care

As a part of the Ole Miss Family, I’m compelled to write the following words in light of recent news about the Nkemdiche brothers.  Robert Nkemdiche and his brother Denzel Nkemdiche need us.  They deserve a chance to become great men in life as they are great players on the football field.

We’ve heard the news . . . as well continued inquiry, speculation, criticism, condemnation, or projections for their future? Should we be concerned about more than ‘eligibility’ or ‘projected values’ to the NFL?

Let’s face it!   As a part of the Ole Miss family, these two need our compassion and genuine caring concern!  They need our prayers, as do their parents, as they face these personal failures.  They need real friends, not mere fans who only desire to exploit their talents, notoriety or favor.  And they need people who understand the vulnerabilities of youthfulness, the sometimes youthful improprieties, or scathing public sins that bring shame open their families and themselves.

Their challenge now is to learn how  to rise up to face real life challenges and struggles to live wholesome, contributing lives.  As  ‘stars’ on the football team, it is clear they have mastered football.  Now, to be ‘stars’ in life, they will need room to make their mistakes and time to correct them without so much scorn from us or the public.  They need mercy from us and those who have cheered them on, to deal with the harsh realities of life off of the field of play.

I’m pulling for these two young men to make it and I am praying that the same focus and intensity with which they’ve played the game will now be applied to this struggle to rebuild their self-esteem and restore their confidence. But like so many of us who’ve lived longer and have been given opportunities to rehabilitate, regroup, or be restored, these two deserve to be given the same.  Especially those of us who have enjoyed the ride in this new season of Ole Miss Football.

HYWC  . . .Heaven’s Yes, We Care


One thought on “HYDR . . . Heavens Yes, We Care

  1. Wonderful words of Wisdom and guidance for all of us who love Ole Miss. May we be found faithful and true to stand behind and love these young men all through their lives, in the good times but more so in the not so good times. Thank you Pastor Ware for your leadership and love- as always.


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