The day after the storm, the Camellia bush radiates with beauty in the light of the bright sun.  It was only yesterday that contrary winds caused great damage and loss to many families in North Mississippi and elsewhere.

That beautiful blossom speaks volumes as it communicates with nature its endurance and loveliness despite its experience of challenge.  It is still here with nothing lost from its nature.  It still contributes a profound message for all to see (and to smell).  You may also point out bulbs that are on their way to become the same crimson and white beauty.  And they do this in the dead of winter, though this one is having some recording breaking high temperatures.

One thing that caught my eye was the remains of a once useful construction of twigs, leaves, grass and other debris that served as a home to mockingbirds during their reproductive season.  Their young have moved on in pursuit of their lives after a season in this nest of waiting for meals brought to them by their parents.  They nest in other places now to survive the winter’s chill.

And so it is, the cycle of life goes on.  Plant life devastated by tornado force winds struggle to straighten up to live on.  Animal life come forth from their burrows and crawling spaces to seek another day of survival.  And we humans, well, we adjust to the circumstances.  Many are devastated and will seek to find meaning and even deity and destiny in what has happened to them.  Others will weep realizing deep, painful loss almost unbearable, but will take steps to keep walking through the valley of the shadows of death.  Others, whose loss isn’t so great, will reach out to others to help deal with the harsh realities that the winds and the night brought.  Many from near and far will show up to make a difference and to remind those affected of the caring hand of God still works through humanity!

The sun is shining again . . . and there is still beauty in the world, still purpose for our lives, and plans for our existence.  There are still joys to be had beyond the confusion and clamor of destruction that caught our attention and arrested many in what seems to be a hopeless place.

But, the sun is still shining . . . the bulbs are still growing to full blossoms, and the realm of possibility is yet alive.


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