The Voice to Heed

Whose words capture your attention to make impressionable marks upon your life?

Lives are touched through comments, advice (sometimes solicited and sometimes unsolicited), posts through social media, music, tv or writings. Words, comments, opinions, ideas or expressions may be taken to heart by people to have great influence. Sometimes our challenge is to decipher what is appropriate or good to apply to our lives.

How does one filter what is internalized into the inner sanctums of the mind or heart? One can easily be impressed by words not carefully and lovingly chosen from others. Words that form ideas can be impressive and if received into the mind and heart, they can become pressure to adjust beliefs or attitudes that lead to negative behaviors. Many of us can testify that we wish that we had not listened to certain people or their ideas because of the negative influence that resulted.

It is important to listen to the right voices. However, to listen to voices that can help to offer good and righteousness to one’s life, there must be one voice that for the individual has become the standard for hearing what is good and noble. No one can listen to everyone because of the plethora of messages that are designed to confuse, conflict, or con. There is one voice for all time that serves as a foundation for all that is good and moral or noble in this life. Without knowledge of that one voice that can be recognized in one’s hearing, the outcome will be everything but wholesomeness and fulfillment.

What voice is there in your ear that catches your attention or focus? For children, it is usually a parent that guides their attitudes and actions. Adolescents and teenagers may choose to reject parental voices and choose to listen to peers who lead them to endorse new and what seems to be exciting or pleasurable. Many adults become impressed with meanings for life that come from what are perceived as great minds or images of success and the good life. In essence, we’re all listening or influenced by someone. The question is, what voice filters the many voices aimed at us to capture our attention.

Consider the voice that captures your attention to filter the noise of life. Some say they hear voices! Truth is, we all hear voices. But, in order to choose a path to a meaningful life that blesses and edifies the world around us, there must be a voice that filters out any words, thoughts or ideas that may be destructive to ourselves or others.

That one voice is the eternal voice of God.

“Be still, and know that I am God.”  (Psalm 46:10a ESV)

Be careful to pay attention!


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